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Printed and Online Press Releases: 

The IT University and Region H released a press release based on our
pilot trial.

A number of press articles: http://madsfrost.dk/press

The IT University and Region H released a press release based on the pilot trial featured in:

'Ugens Erhverv' - Business Weekly - at http://www.ue.dk/nyhedsarkiv/59673.aspx

'Psykiatri Nyt' - http://www.psykiatri-regionh.dk/NR/rdonlyres/30D23791-7E36-4B68-9D42-CA4D556E2F05/0/PsykiatriNyt_marts_2012_lille2.pdf

Ingenioren BioTech (in Danish) -  Sensorer i depressives sokker advarer lægen om et anfald,                                         Dagens Medicine (in Danish) -  Lægen følger med patienten helt hjem                                                                         CORDIS - MONARCA project launched to help people affected by Bipolar Disorder                                                       MEDITRAINMENT Website - Forschung und Entwicklung (Research and Development)                                               ETH Life -   Stress Study: Electronic assistant to detect stress                                                                                   FreePress -  MONARCA PROJECT LAUNCHED TO HELP PEOPLE AFFECTED BY BIPOLAR DISORDER                   NewsWire – Monarca Project Launched to Help People Affected by Bipolar Disorder                                               EU Parliament Magazine                                                                                                                                         QS Quotidiano Sanita (in Italian)                                                                                                                               Corriere del Trentiono Newspaper (in Italian)                                                                                                               European Alliance for Innovation Wellbeing SIB  

 Exhibitions and Events Organizations:

 Organization of Ubihealth Workshop as part of UBICOMP Conference 2010, UBIHEALTH September 2010                      MONARCA project at World of Medicine 2010, MEDICA 2010,Dusseldorf 2010

Invited Presentations:

MONARCA Presentation at 5th UbiHealth Workshop in conjunction with UBICOMP 2010 Conference, Copenhagen Denmark, 2010                                                                                                                       MONARCA Presentation at EU Consultation Meeting on Social Inclusion and related technologies, Brussels, Jan. 2010

Presentation at Pervasive Health MindCare Workshop                                                                                       Presentation at MEDETEL 2011, Luxembourg, April

Dissemination Materials:

   Printed Material and Gadget :  FlyerPresentationIDCard, Trifold,  Poster, Gadget  

   Multimedia:  VIDEO on Self Assessment - MONARCA Concept Video                                                                                           Oscar Mayora in Radio Trentino inBlu (in Italian)



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